GPS Systems are an indispensable tool for delivery businesses or emergency services and trades alike. A GPS tracking device in your handheld radio or in your vehicle gives you the opportunity to be able to track and monitor your company’s productivity.

GPS systems and GPS tracking for business help you make sure you’re getting the most productivity possible out of every dollar you spend on your business. GPS systems for business help you keep track of your employee’s whereabouts, which is especially important if your business involves employees who are out in the field all day, going from job to job.

We provide sales, installation and service of GPS systems for a variety of businesses, including:

  • Construction Companies
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Field Service & Repair
  • Florists
  • Sales Operations
  • And more

GPS tracking devices in your company vehicles allows you to:

  • Track company vehicles to make sure they are only used for authorized projects
  • Prevent employees from logging overtime that they did not actually work
  • Stop employees from taking long lunch breaks
  • Log activity when employees leave the job site early
  • Protects the company and employees from liability

We provide GPS Systems to businesses, schools, government agencies, security, healthcare, emergency services and more. We serve the Baltimore-Washington DC and South Central Pennsylvania areas. Call Mills’ Communications today at 410-876-8600 or contact us through our web site for all of your communications sales and service needs.