Two Way Radios


At Mills’ Communications, we choose to carry Kenwood, Icom, Daniels Electronics and Pyramid two way radios in analog, digital and P25, to give the customers the best options. If you need portables, mobiles or base and repeater stations, let us quote you. We provide trunking systems in analog and digital for in-house or wide area coverage. To budget your costs, service contracts are available. We also offer full-service FCC license coordination and support through the applicable agencies.Portable 21


We carry portable radios for hobbyists, education uses, warehouse use and emergency service use. Portable radios make communication faster and easier when you’re out in the field.


Mobile radios are ideal for transportation, warehousing, professional and public safety uses. We carry a variety of mobile radios for you to choose from.


Radio repeaters come in various power levels depending on your needs. Repeaters allow you to extend your range and overcome signal obstructions to obtain clear communications.


We carry a full line of two way radio accessories, like batteries, antennas, chargers, clips & cases, headsets, microphones, speakers, replacement parts and more. Everything you need to make your communications system run smoothly. We have analog and digital repeater/trunking UHF sites, providing coverage for the Baltimore-Washington DC and South Central Pennsylvania areas. We provide communications solutions to individuals, businesses, schools, government agencies, security, healthcare, emergency services and more. We serve the Baltimore, Washington DC and South Central Pennsylvania areas.Call Mills’ Communications today at 410-876-8600 or contact us through our web site for all of your two way radio needs.